How do I perform priorisation of my business needs? (WSJF explained)


You know the story, long projects leads to long cycle times which makes people eager to get as much as possible in to the project and thus cycle time goes up, and more stuff goes in…

The foot in the door problem is a common anti pattern in project based organization.

“Lets cram this feature in because you never know when the next project comes around”, and thus the cycle times keeps on getting longer.

Based on the observation that any organisation’s IT budget and capacity is constrained. It means that business demand always exceeds the IT budget and therefore the resource availability.

Business stakeholders need easy methods, to help them making smart choices. Ensuring that we optimise for value creation, taking the resource shortage in mind.

Safeguarding, the “most bang for the buck” principle. WSJF helps you do this. WSJF sounds complicated at first, but we have aimed at making it insightful. By means of these everyday tasks that are easy to relate to.

Portfolio discussions have proven to become a transparent process, by means of visualising, and especially by rationalising the notion of business value.

we are renatio Upcoming publication: [26.02.2021]
“How do I measure delivery and progress? (Lead Time vs. Story Points)”