How to kick start digitalization in the last six months of 2020?

The lockdown has accelerated digital transformation to an extend that exceeds even the digital capabilities of key players in the market.

Questions you need to ask yourself:

  • How do you pick up the pace and stay ahead?
  • Is your IT able to deliver on a regular basis?
  • Are your stakeholders familiar with the flexible nature of a digital road map ?


The next six months will be key, yet the money will be short. Yes, the going get’s really though.

Renatio is a group of experienced consultants, who have gone through these though weathers before. Therefore we can give some strong guarantees. Within a period of 6 months we can transform your organization in a high performant digital team.

Our Hourglass approach translates a roadmap straight into delivery. And – in the other direction – we update the roadmap based on continuous evaluation of your delivery capacity.

Last but not least, you won’t recognize your stakeholders after they worked with us. You will meet them again as people who prioritize a roadmap, balancing market demand against delivery capacity.

The beauty of our proposal is that you don’t need to hire additional IT resources (except for us).


Our mentoring approach trains your teams in new practices while doing the work with them. We’re not doing coaching by the side line. Instead we deliver and take commitment for that delivery.


Want to know more about the Renatio Hourglass approach?

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