Shape your product


The Upstream team defines ideas with high business value. We use the design sprint method and involve all stakeholders. The Renatio team agrees that doing things right (downstream) is important. However doing the right things requires equal attention.


Deliver in a predictible way


A Downstream team delivers software; i.e. translates ideas into working software. The Renatio team believes that every delivery organisation is agile in nature. It’s our job to create an environment in which the existing agility can be practiced in the company.


Learn fast


The Product validation team challenges the ideation (upstream) capacity and delivery (downstream) capacity of the organization. They choose one feature to push delivery cadence to the extreme. In the same way they challenge ideation by translating one idea into an MVP and submit it to a focus group.


Governance as glue


Implementing an efficient downstream process without a good upstream is harmful. You will just end up delivering quicker those projects that have limited value to your customer. And the same goes the other way around. All to often de ideation team is decoupled of the company’s implementation structure. This decoupling will consume a lot of money without any sustainable results.

The Renatio governance model brings downstream and upstream in an synchronous pace. By implementing a same cadence in both parts of your digital organization do-ers and thinkers are challenging each other on a regular basis. And when they deviate the POC team will play the role of the child asking the difficult questions to both parents.